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Members who have enrolled, completed their laboratory tests, and consulted a doctor from Maxicare’s Primary Care Network may request free medicines.

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Upload Guidelines
  1. Lay document on a flat surface. Please take pictures in portrait mode.
  2. Take the picture with good lighting. Do not block the light source.
  3. Make sure the entire document is captured.
  4. Move your phone closer and capture the document in segments if needed.
  5. Tap to focus and make the document clearer.
  6. Connect to WiFi for faster uploading.
  7. You can only upload a maximum of six pictures, with a maximum file size of 2MB each. Set your camera's quality settings from High to Standard to ensure optimized file size.

Valid prescriptions should:

  • Have the patient’s name,
  • Be issued within the last three months,
  • Have the doctor’s name and PRC number, and
  • Be issued by a doctor from Maxicare’s Primary Care Network (PCN) or a Maxicare-affiliated specialist.

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